Coolunt #4; Human Movement – XQ Scooter

We are all looking for new innovations that can solve the problem of burning fossil fuels, cause we all know that one day the earth won’t be able to cope with our problems and our stupidity as human beings. That’s why Ricardo Silva came up with a new idea, the so called XQ-scooter.

What is it?

The XQ-scooter is a kind of scooter (surprisingly) but it’s sustainable as hell. First of all, the scooter is small and insanely aerodynamic. Well, this is not very innovative but they are requirements to which sustainable vehicles have to meet. Secondly, it can take advantage of renewable energy, that is to say that it’s able to consume energy but meanwhile with this same energy it’s is able to charge itself, so there’s no energy that gets lost. Moreover, there are no kinda stations which have to be built for the scooter. Now we have those chargeable cars, but we need a lot of recharging locations to realize this. With this scooter there’s no need for building stations like these, cause what I said before, they can charge themselves. Where does this energy come from? Well, it can soak up energy from the sun. More advantages? Well, it’s inexpensive to own and easy to operate, plus it would house several storage compartments and the means to juice up your phone with its power too.

Why is it cool?

It is cool because it has almost all the advantages of renewable driving. In my opinion it really is a kinda breakthrough, because there’s no need for building stations, it doesn’t burn fossil fuels, it’s multifunctional, and it looks nice. I just can’t see any disadvantages… How cool is that? At the same time it solves the problem of the Global Warming. I really hope we can persist this innovative idea, so the usual scooters that we know nowadays can disappear which can solve the Global Warming problem at least a bit.

Future Growthpotential

I think this CAN have future growthpotential, but I don’t say that this will be the future. I say this because these innovative ideas are really hard to realize. Not for technical reasons but practical reasons. When we all say yes to this idea, it can easily be implemented in this society but the power of several car sectors are so damn high that it’s really hard to realize. Especially because big car companies hold on to their concept so tight. But I think the start of this whole innovation can begin in developing countries like Vietnam. I haven’t been there yet, but when I see the news I see cities overflowed with non sustainable, dirty scooters which eject so much pollution into our beautiful world. I think when we throw all these dirty scooter away and we replace these for the XQ scooter, we make a very very beautiful and smart start. Why not?





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