Coolhunt #3 – Human Movement; The outisde fits the inside

Coolhunt #3 - Human Movement; The outisde fits the inside

Isn’t it recognizable that when it’s summer, 33 Celsius and you’re sitting inside a building with the sun upon the glass, that you’re totally sweating away? For me it is. Only fans can compensate the heath, but that costs a lot of energy. In Seoul they know the solution for this: Skyscraper’s facade controls the climate inside the building.

What is it?

What it is? Skyscrapers are built in a way that they can control the climate inside a building. Because of special cells which are built-in in the walls of the building, the building is able to adapt the climate perfectly to the outside circumstances during the whole day, 24/7 long. So when the sun is shining at full power, the building will make the air cooler inside. But when clouds are coming and the temperature is going down, the building will make it a little bit warmer inside. During the whole day the cells are busy with the registration of the climate. It even takes the natural light into account. There is no artificial light produced by lamps, but only natural light by letting the light in to regulate the hatches.

Why is it cool?

It is cool, because it looks awesome. It is just like you are walking outside. Boring office buildings are now turned into a well looking environment. There’s no difference anymore between inside and outside. When you’re sitting in your office, you get the feeling that you’re all day long inside and locked up. But now that feeling belongs to the past. Inside will feel the same as outside, so that locked up feeling will no longer exists.

Future growthpotential

I hope this will have future growthpotential, ‘cause just look at the picture. Isn’t it great when all boring offices will look like this? Well I think it is. Besides, it is also sustainable so it saves a lot of energy instead of all those fans and heaters. So it looks amazing and it is sustainable, so looking to those aspects it will have a lot of future growthpotential. The only thing I doubt is the fact that it costs way to much money to build those buildings. I think there are many poor countries who cannot afford such a thing. So I think it will be a future thing, but only in rich countries. I think this can really contribute a lot to the physical wellbeing of human beings, because the outlook may cause a relax feeling instead of those boring offices. Also because the locked up feeling will ben gone, stress will decrease. In this way, working will be a less stressful which contributes to the physical wellbeing.!JO5eX


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