Coolhunt #2 – Human Movement; Vibrating shoes tell you where to go

Coolhunt #2 - Human Movement; Vibrating shoes tell you where to go

These days, there is a very popular little movie about the effects of social media on Facebook. It tells you that social media narrow our view and that we don’t look up anymore and that we don’t look around us so that we miss certain opportunities which may appear in daily life. An example is Google Maps. It is very practical but we can also jus ask a random passenger which increase our social skills. Now there’s something which makes an radical end to this problem.

What is it?

It is the so called vibrating shoe. What can he do for us? Well, the vibrating shoe can vibrate (really? yes!) in a kind of way so that the owner knows where he must go. So when you tell the shoes where to go, maybe in the form of typing in the navigation of a place and a connection between the shoes and your smart phone, you know where you have to go and in the meantime you can look around you and you won’t be looking on your screen all the time.

Why is it cool?

I think this is cool because it is not only very handy but it is again a method to solve a problem. In this way blind people will find their way home very easily and faster than with only one walking stick. Not only blind people but also ‘normal’ people will find their way quicker. There’s no need for looking at your mobile phone again!!

Future growthpotential

I think this will really have some future growthpotential. People are sick of the increase of individualism. We want to go back to the roots, no more fake digital contact. So I think this might even get bigger than Google Glass when it comes to knowing where you have to go. Because with Google Glass, we are also looking to a digital view where we also don’t look around us. This is a great compromise! This also improves the quality of life when we look at social wellbeing: We can still talk to someone while looking for our destination. Isn’t that great?!!JNWV1


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