Coolhunt #1 Human Movement; One house, one room

Coolhunt #1 Human Movement; One house, one room

What will our future city looks like? Will everything be digital, shall we never have to walk again? Or, maybe more important, will every human being be provided with a roof above his head? Well, this last point is hard to answer because of the exponential growth of humans. Or do we have the right solution for this? I think we have!

What is it?

Simon Woordroffe came up with a new brilliant idea named Yo! What is this? Well it is an apartment which squeezes multiple rooms into one! So, there’s only one room or one space where different kind of rooms are included. If you want your bedroom, just put the concerning button and your bedroom wil come down from the ceiling. Do you want to take a bath? Put another button and yes, your bathroom will rise from the ground. So in one separate room you can set your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom or your own working room, whatever you like.

Why is it cool?

Why is it cool? Well, it’s attractive. It is very usual and it is a wonderful alternative to a very hard question to which many experts try to find a solution, namely the question: Are we able to equip everyone with a place to stay? In this way we can build houses with only one room and may houses as we know them today disappear so we can save space.

Future growthpotential

This certainly has future growthpotential because it’s a wonderful solution to a lack of space which becomes a bigger issue. It also has the perfect combination, because it is practical AND it’s nice to live in because it looks damn well. So we CAN solve a problem which is also attractive. I think this can save hundreds of refugees who are looking for a home. Besides I think that nature can appreciate this concept, because when we’re saving space, we also don’t need to build many more houses, so there will be more nature. This will increase the quality of life in different kinds of ways. One is the physical wellbeing, ‘cause when there’s more nature, people will live in healthier conditions than when the whole world is fully built with houses and office blocks.!JHz7Y


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