Coolhunt #5; Food & Quality of Life – Find your food

How recognizable it is when you walk through the shopping mall and you want to buy a particular kind of food but you just don’t know where to go. Well, Philips have found a solution for this subject, people call it  the ‘lamps-gps’.

What is it?

The ‘lamps-gps’ contains the following: Philps takes care of the lamps and the technology through which people can find the food they’re looking for. These are the so called grids which are connected with a special application for the smartphone. So when people use their smartphone they can look for the particular food they’re looking for and via the grids on the lights the smartphone sends you directly to it. In this way shopping is a lot easier than before. Maybe for us Dutch people it isn’t that useful but for people in America where they have huge huge malls, it is very handy. In this way the Quality of Life is getting enlightened because shopping doesn’t take that long anymore as it was used to be. So because of that people have a lot more time for other stuff like leisure which improves the quality of life.

Why is it cool?

It is cool because there’s no certain thing as this when it comes to ‘quick-shopping’. It is also a very handy way because it doesn’t cost that much money to make it realizable. What’s also cool about is, is that many people had a plan like this but no-one ever knew how to realize it and this is just an easy but a smart way to do it.

Future growthpotential

I think this will certainly have a future growthpotential and I think this concept will be integrated in every supermarket because I think that many people think this is something they need. Nowadays people have a lot of stress and people have  lot of thinks to day like working the whole day. When they come home they want to eat quickly and the preparation mustn’t be very long so this concept might help when we talk about that problem. Another thing what might happen is that people will take the time again to buy healthy food in stead of junk food because also the healthy food is easier to find so it costs less time than before.




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