Coolhunt #4; Food transparency – No fiddle energy

Energy has become a necessary of life; the food has to be heated, the tv must be turned on and the mobile phone is bound to be charged while we sleep. However, many people don’t know where their energy comes from, how it is generated and the most important thing where their money will end up. makes an end to all of these uncertainties. 

What is it? sells energy ‘straight from the farmer’. The aspects that can generate energy and that this power company use are wind, sun, water and bio-energy. People are also able to see where the power comes from and who gets the money. The power the company use is all coming from the Netherlands from farmers who own windmills for example. The farmers can make up their own prices and there’s no company who can make profit out of it. 

Why is it cool?

It is cool because plays along with the longterm-trend ‘transparency’. Personally I think it is cool because the company is so pure. Nowadays many companies play tricks with the consumers and there are so many things we just don’t know. This company is on the ball, because they offer what they say and what they promise without any fuss.

Future growthpotential

I don’t know whether this is gonna be successful or not, but it is a great initiative to show that the world can also work this way and that it’s not always the big companies who have the power. Maybe this can encourage other companies and other brands to work this way, ‘cause in fact everyone wants the world to work this way and this can be the first step to achieve this point.




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