Coolhunt #3; Food transparency – Smart Knife

 What is it?

We all want to know what we eat when we eat. What kind of ingrediënts are in it, what is the level of toxicity and are there any bacterias which can cause illness? Most of all when we buy food, we must trust on the information the fabricant gives us. But is that really true? Can we rely on that informtion? All those questions can now be answered by the smart knife. The smart knife is just like a normal knife but there’s only one important difference, the smart knife can measure four kinds of things when you cut an apple for example: the freshness (you see a percentage of total freshness), bacteria infection degree (are there any bad bacterias in it?), Nutrient (the nutrient percentage) and the negative ion (you can put negative ions out in the groceries and so you can keep the freshness).

 Why is it cool?

The smart knife has a touchscreen and a visual display on it so you can see all the components of the product. I think this is cool because in this way people can check the whole product on its safety so the fabricants can no longer make fun out of the consumers. In this way we know if a product is safe for us or if there’s any chance on illness when you eat it. Because of this we can also prevent illness. Diseases like voedselvergiftiging may decline in this way.

Future growthpotential

In my opinion the smart knife is a very usefull piece of keukengerij and personally I would be very pleased if I had such a knife. The need of transparency is higher than ever so I think people would certainly agree with me. Like I said, illness could be prevented  in this way, so I think that people are open minded to buy this. Also for parents could this be interesting because most of the time parents are very cautiously for their children. So I think this object certainly has a big future growthpotential.





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