Coolhunt #2; Food transparency – QR codes on Sushi

In earlier times fish was just fish, nothing more and nothing less. Nowadays we’ve discovered so many kinds of fishes that it becomes harder and harder to catch the special fishes. So nowadays we gas a normal piece of fish with carbon monoxide to make them look like a fresh tuna. A recent report shows that 52% of seafood in Southern California was mislabeled.* Sushi chef Harney probably has the solution for this worldwide problem. 

What is it?

Chef Harney introduced the so called QR codes on sushi. Many products have those kind of codes to see where it’s made off and where something is made, but now Harney did the same but then with fish. The ink is 100% water proof and when people scan the code they see the state of a species’ global stock, where the fish was hooked and even the actual faces of the fisherman behind the catch. People order more straight fish because they are afraid of the risks behind the specialty fish. But now when they order a specialty fish, they just have to scan the QR code and they’ll find everything behind the fish so they know it is 100% safe.

Why is it cool?

I think it is cool because it is the first restaurant who dares to show everything behind the products they sell. I think open kitchens are nothing compared to this concept. It is very risky to give all the information behind the products because when a mistake is being made and there’s only one rotten fish, than the reputation of the restaurant becomes very low. So not only the concept is cool (because it is original and it certainly has future growthpotential) but also the guts to introduce this in your own restaurant is cool, in my opinion. 

Future growthpotential

Like I said, this concept has a future growthpotential because it may be possible that all restaurants are required to do this, so there will be more transparency when we talk about food. On the other hand, some companies like McDonalds have become so powerful that when they are required to introduce the QR code on everything they sell, they may sell less products because everyone can see that it’s all rubbish they sell. So, I think maybe for small companies and small restaurants it may be helpful to introduce the QR code to show that they sell safe food, but I don’t think that it will be introduced for any food company because of what I just said.





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