Coolhunt #1; Food & transparency: Nutrition Label Makeover

In the early 90’s nutrition labels have been added to the packaging of a product so that we consumers know what we eat and what kind of nutrition is inside the packaging. But when it comes to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the nutrition label should have a make-over.

What is it?

It may not be the ‘wow’ effect and it is not a very exciting gadget or something, but it says a lot more than a ‘cool’ gadget. Why? Because this shows that people need more and more security about what is inside their food. People necessarily need more transparency when we talk about food. The plan is to emphasize the calories and the components which are bad for the body. In this way the bad stuff is more obvious and so the people can easily see when a product has many or few calories in it. It also says when a product stimulates the chance on diseases like a heart attack or obesity. So it comes from two sides: the consumers want more transparency and the FDA want to offer more information about a product to prevent obesity and other diseases. 

Why is it cool?

This question is a little bit hard to answer because it is not something ‘cool’, like I said it is no cool gadget nor a technological novelty but I’ll try my best to give a proper answer. I think nowadays people become more and more aware of what they eat and what their food is made of. This long term trend has been in the pictures since a while and there are a lot of ‘cool stuff’ that makes us awake and this is just a part of it. The food companies realize that people need transparency, we are not stupid and so together we have build a new foodworld where there are no secrets to hide for consumers. This is just a device to make that world realizable. 

Future growthpotential

It’s future growthpotential is big to my opinion. The only thing I see which may be a bump in the road is that powerful foodcompanies may not agree with this new nutrition label, just like the tobacco-industry won’t do anything to provide people from smoking. In this way the industry may lose a lot of money. This could also happen to the nutrition label but I guess it will be accepted, just like the tobacco industry accepted the warning texts on cigarette packets.Afbeelding



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