Coolhunt 5: Femininity – Mascuilinity; Bags below

Coolhunt 5: Femininity - Mascuilinity; Bags below

When you’re finally done working for the rest of the week you look into the mirror and there you see something which we think it’s usual; bags under one’s eyes. It is a consequence of having stress and a lack of sleep. For us it is pretty normal to have such a tired face, but in Eastern countries it seems impossible. But now they found something to solve that problem.

What is it?
Korea invented a special kind of make-up. It is used by women who want to look stressfully and tired, in the form of bags under the eyes. It also make their eyes rounder so they won’t look like that stereotype Chinese.

Why is it cool?
It is cool in Korea (not in Western countries of course) because they look more Western, like us and that gives them the feeling they have a higher status. Personally I think it is so ridiculous that it’s cool, and it works so why isn’t it cool?

Future growthpotential
I think these eyes make them look more tired and more stressful, so it looks less feminine but more manly (because in old times men do the work). I think that traditionally seen, the Eastern people see themselves as subservient when we look at the Western people. And I think that situation won’t change that fast. Because of that I think it has future growthpotential because that feeling of modesty may never change so these forms of looking Western will be more and more applied in Eastern countries. And this is just a start of something crazy to come.


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