Coolhunt 4: Femininity – Mascularity; Men’s Skirt

Coolhunt 4: Femininity - Mascularity; Men's Skirt

In the middle ages every man was walking around in a skirt. It was a way of fashion in that time and in Scotland they haven’t been fed up with it. You see several man wearing skirts, especially when there’s something to do like a national event. In the western countries like Europa (except Scotland), Australia and North/Central – America you may never see a man wearing a skirt, because for some reason we think this is weird. But, are times changing?

What is it?
In London they payed attention to a new kind of masculine couture; the man’s skirt. In eastern continents it is quite normal when you see a man with a skirt, but in London it was quite shocking and most irritating. But several kinds of fashion designers have introduced the skirt. First Jean-Paul Gaultier came up with it, whereupon Sarah Burton proceeded the proces and it seems like the feminine garment will become more and more an accepted piece (of course very slowly).

Why is it cool?
I think it is cool because personally I can imagine that a skirt is very comfortable to wear, but just because in our head a skirt is feminine, we men just don’t wear it. But I think just like the megging (coolhunt 2), the skirt can also be a returning fashion object. And like I said before, when a man in a western country begin to wear a skirt, most of the people will think he’s a weirdo, but when just a few other men will imitate it, I think all the others will follow.

Future growthpotential
Just like the megging and the clutching men’s bags I also the men’s skirts will be a normal thing in the future. Like I said, people’s view begin to change. We will no longer think in terms of good/bad, beautiful/ugly, normal/weird, manly/feminine. I think that people will accept each other that we also accept the choices we make in life and that equality will be a reigning subject. Why I think this will happen? Well, in fact homosexuality has never been more accepted before than we do now and I think this acceptance is a huge step forward to equality between men. I think this mindset will keep going and that this will expand even more. So I think that in the future garments like skirts, leggings and clutching bags are no longer a taboe for men. Isn’t that a happy outlook?


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