Coolhunt 3: Femininity – Masculinity; Clutching Men’s Bags

Coolhunt 3: Femininity - Masculinity; Clutching Men's Bags

This coolhunt can be compared with my previous coolhunt; a feminine fashion object which is applied to men’s fashion. In the previous coolhunt it was a men’s legging (Megging) but this time it something which is already worn by men but a little bit more connected to women: Clutching men’s bags.

What is it?
It is very simple to explain what it is. In today’s society we see almost every woman with a handbag walking down the streets. It is like those bags where they put their lipstick in together with their tampons, make-up, vaseline, a small mirror and all those feminine stuff. But now various fashion companies like Gucci, Valentino and Bottega Veneta introduce the clutching men’s bag: a small or big bag which can be carried with an arm slipped through both handles, the one hand supporting the bottom while straps fall to the side. This looks a little bit feminine, but surprisingly some major fashion houses adopted it.

Why is it cool?
Like I said in the previous coolhunt I think people should pay more attention to an (fashion) object as it is. We human beings attach way too much value to our interpretation to things instead of just name something as it is. A bag is something where people can put in some objects they want to carry so they can use them when they are on the road. But because of the fact that those clutching bags are mostly used by women because they can carry things like make-up so they can always pay attention to their personal care, a clutching bag is seen as feminine. But why is it strange that not only women but men carry a clutching bag as well? So I think it is cool because all those prejudices about feminine stuff and manly stuff will be abolished because of the fact that fashion houses accept this allowance of men and women.

Future growthpotential
I think this may become something which will be accepted by the whole society. Why? Because it is a fact that the difference between men and women are fading. What does that say? In fact, this says a lot. It also says that people in general think more like ‘if I want to wear something I like, I wear it!’ In stead of always being uncertain of what other people may think. And I think this mentality and this life stance becomes more and more normal. And I think that’s a good thing, that all those prejudices become less important. So because of this change in humans view of life, I think that the clutching bags will become something which men can carry.


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