Coolhunt 2: Femininity – Masculinity; Meggings

Coolhunt 2: Femininity – Masculinity; Meggings

Woman have been wearing leggings for ages. Most of the time it had been worn because it covers the bare legs when woman pull on a skirt. Nowadays you see more and more woman wearing the legging only (so without a skirt), maybe because in this way the woman contours are more prominently presented. But now there’s something new: Meggings.

What is it:
Megging Men Clothing comes up with a new kind of look when it comes to men’s fashion: the megging (the men’s legging). Men have been wearing leggings for a long time – for example when we look at the middle ages – but in this time people see leggings as something feminine. It was not for no reason that Freddy Murcary, singer of Queen, has been called ‘gay’ because he worn leggings while performing. But Megging dares to introduce this new manly legging.

Why is it cool?
This is cool because it brings femininity and masculinity closer to each other, because people see the legging as feminine. The difference between men and women are more and more blurring and so the equality will increase. I think that every action which contributes this proces is cool, so is this. Besides, it provokes men to step out of their comfort zone and just wear what they want to wear irrespective of what people think of it. It is so to say the skinny jeans 2.0.

Future growthpotential
I expect that the Megging will have future growthpotential because 10 years ago men only worn like those wide pants’ which shades off into today’s skinny jeans and I think this proces is still going on. I think it is funny that when men began to wear skinny jeans, most people said they were gay or emo or whatever, but a few years later almost everyone was wearing a skinny jeans. So when people just wear these Meggings, then the crowd will say ‘this is gay’, but when we just ignore these negative comments and when we keep wearing it, maybe this crowd will accept it after a while. And I think they will.


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