Coolhunt 1: Femininity – Masculinity; Wild Down Under

Coolhunt 1: Femininity - Masculinity; Wild Down Under

It has always been a bit of an awkward subject when we talk about hair around a sensitive area; pubic hair. There has also always been a trend in pubic hair. Like 30/40 years ago it was completely normal when you had a figuratively bush down under. Even in the sensual magazines you saw unshaven genital organs, it was normal and it everybody founds it a natural thing. Nowadays, the youth finds it disgusting when they even think about a lot of hair around their genitals (,+ware+run+op+Boyzillian.aspx). But now times seem to change and the pubes of the 80’s will rule again.

What is it?
American Apparel’s mannequins have a new look. Instead of those ‘perfect bodies’ which includes a bare down under area, they gave a lot of pubic hair to their mannequins. Their reason for this they say is: “We are a company that celebrates natural beauty, and that shopping window continues that celebration. We created it to invite passerbys to explore the idea of what is ‘sexy’ and consider their comfort with the natural female form.”. In other words they want to emphasise the natural beauty of human being and that there’s no need to shame yourself for what is given to you.

Why is it cool?
I think this is cool because it makes us aware of who we are and we have as human beings. Pubic hair is one of the things which we can call a taboo and American Apparel brings it to the light again. And maybe this is a start to eliminate one of all those taboos which we have about sexuality, which is of course completely normal. And maybe this can urge people to accept our bodies as how it appears and maybe in a few years it is completely normal to have a bit of hair down under again.

Future growthpotential
Like I said, this can be a start of a repetition of the 80’s. When one shop begins creating a kind of shocking view, some others shops could imitate this view and so on. Finally it can be this big that it turns people’s view about pubic hair and that they’ll let it grow again. Nowadays we begin to think more and more in terms of accepting ourselves as who we are, so this could strengthen this trend.


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