The Sewing Machine Clothing Shop. Coolhunt #3 Experience Economy

The Sewing Machine Clothing Shop. Coolhunt #3 Experience Economy

Last week I went to Glasgow with my cousin to visit a dear friend of us who lives there for 6 months. When we were walking through the city we noticed a very special clothing store. The whole shop was full of sewing machines and even the clothes were attached to a sewing machine. They designed the shop like if it was a sewing fabric to make it appear very old and authentic. Although this is typical British, it was like a remarkable manifestation for us. The lamps were different than usual, like those very big and bright lamps they used in fabrics and the chairs were (just like the chairs in the hair barbarian in Amsterdam) made of leather with an old cozy reading lamp on the side of it. Also the shoes they sold were settled in a very different way; not like usual on a board, but they very set very straight to each other to make it look as authentic as possible. I think this is a way of increasing the experience for people who are walking in the store. It is not only about selling clothes, but selling clothes to a special kind of target group and they make that very clear to set their shop like I just described. To me, it was a reason more to buy something in that store. Only because I can say I bought something in that special shop.


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