The Hair Barbarian. Coolhunt #2 Experience Economy

The Hair Barbarian. Coolhunt #2 Experience Economy

When I was walking through ‘the 9 streets’ in Amsterdam, I saw something striking. There was a barber, but not just a barber, because it was only for men. I can imagine when you’re thinking: “Ok, but why is this so special?” Well, let me tell you why I think this is a special thing. The hairdresser’s saloon is set up like those saloons you see in movies: it’s old fashioned, the chairs are made of leather, the barbers who work there are only men and no women and the barbers look really authentic. They have a well maintained beard and in a way they are dressed like a cowboy without a hat. So the saloon is very masculine which causes a special kind of experience to me. Only because of the ambiance I would like to go there one time just for the experience.


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