Festival 2.0. Coolhunt #1 Experience Economy

Festival 2.0. Coolhunt #1 Experience Economy

A today’s festival has changed a lot when we compare it to music festivals in the past. More and more, festivals concentrate on the experience instead of only offering different kinds of artists. When we look at Solar Festival, we can see that there are a lot of funny events you can do beside listening to an act. For example, there is an imitated laboratorium where scientists work on a new drug, the so called ‘partydrug’ (they say). Now, the people at the festival can be used as guinea pig. After they took the pill (which is just a Tic-Tac) the scientists let you accomplish some experiments. The laboratorium is set up as a kind of space-room where it is just like you are in a different world. Well, this is just one example of something which festival’s organize, but just like this there are a lot of comparable events at the festival, just to make the experience of the festival a lot bigger.


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