Blackbird Coffee. Coolhunt #4 Experience Economy

Blackbird Coffee. Coolhunt #4 Experience Economy

My hometown is Utrecht, I was born and raised in this wonderful city in the middle of our country. That’s why I am walking through the by channels surrounded city like many times. I think I’ve almost known every shop, until a disclosure opened my eyes. There was this little coffeeshop called ‘Blackbird Coffee”. But what does it contain? Blackbird Coffee is not only a coffeeshop but at the same time it’s also a vintage store. The coffee they sell is (as much as they can realize it) biologic and fair made and trade. They also sell vintage bikes and vintage seats. The bikes they sell are retro and are sprouted from the 60/70’s. The seats are retro as well but they also sell old vases, suitcases, tableware, lamps, pots and pans and so on. This also attracts a special kind of people where the coffeeshop meets new needs of those people. And what also plays a role is when people want to buy a vintage object, they can drink a special cup of coffee at the same time. So it is not only drinking a cup of coffee or just looking for a vintage bike you’d like to have, but it is the whole experience that attracts people to their coffeeshop. Oh and I almost forgot to tell that once a month there are expositions of young and talented artists who can exhibit their painting, so the shop also pays attention to culture and art. The shop is a varied mix of stuff that is aimed on a special kind of people, like I said before.


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