Do It Yourself! Actuality Leisure #3

Do It Yourself! Actuality Leisure #3

When I was telling a friend of mine that I wanted to have a special kind of shirt but I couldn’t find it, a friend of mine pointed out to me that I could reach my goal another way. She told me that she makes her own type of clothes in a very easy and cheap way: ‘DIY’. Do It Yourself is a concept which contains that people can make their own clothes out of already existing clothes. So for example, if a girl wants a croptop, she can take an old t-shirt out of her dad’s closet and make it into a croptop. In this way people can save money and get creative. She also told me that she felt individual, because she can make her own clothes which no-one else could ever wear. So she can separate herself from the crowd and the mainstream. Another concept which is comparable to this one, is the so called ‘Buy Nothing New Month’. People are not allowed to buy new stuff (except cosmetics and food) so they are forced to come up with new ideas and being creative. And because of that people become happier because they’ve done it all by themselves.


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