Avaricious or crisis-illness? Actuality Leisure #2

Avaricious or crisis-illness? Actuality Leisure #2

More and more stores are in trouble because of the crisis. Like I said in the previous actuality, people spend their money on things which have the highest priority. They cannot allow themselves buying stuff they actually don’t need, because there’s no money for that. What we can see is that people spend their money on cheap clothes or they are waiting for the sale to come. Other people spend their money on expensive clothes, so they can wear it for a longer time. Another thing which plays an important role, is that internet shopping is taking over the usual stores. Webshops like Zalando and Wehkamp have become more powerful and much more people buy their clothes there. So what we can see is a change in the leisure industry concerning shopping behavior. Unfortunately, stores are suffering under this change.


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