Coolhunt #4; Social Media

Social media is especially used by people from the Western countries. However, now social media can help poor people in developing countries reading a ‘book’. This is what happens: The most popular daily newspaper in Uganda posts a poster of a part of a bookshelf which people can stick on a wall, a fridge or something like that. A number of books are printed on the poster and every book has his own identification number. Well, when people have a really really cheap ass mobile phone (like the first Nokia which was introduced a thousand years ago in our country) they can type the code of the book in their cell phone. When someone enters the code and when he presses the ‘send’ button, USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) allows a real-time exchange of sequence data between a mobile device and and the network provider. In that way, the content of the book is send to the concerning cell phone. In that way, the people from Uganda can now read a book in a really easy and cheap way. Image


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