Coolhunt #3: Social Media

Dear fellas! This is the last coolhunt concerning the social media. Nowadays car companies are trying to develop the new ‘social media car’. What this is about? Well, Toyota and a few other companies are cooperating with Google to design a car which is totally based on social media. For example, in about a few years it is possible that an application (maybe encased in the car, maybe your smartphone will be connected with the car) can hear your stomach is rumbling and then takes you immediately to the next fastfood restaurant on the side of the road.

What’s also possible, is that you can say something like: “Airco on!” and the voice recognition (which is something like an app in your car) understands what you say en *ploop* the wind is blowing in your face. 

These days, they are already developing something like this and it’ll take just a few years when everybody drives in the new social media car!Afbeelding


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