Coolhunt #2: Social Media

It was always the same story; you were watching a movie on TV and again and again you were getting disturbed by those annoying commercials. To make matters worse, the actors playing in these commercials were most of the time these very noisy en loud ones. For example, when we have a look at the ‘Media Markt’ commercial or the commercial concerning the ‘Cup A Soup’, you were being bothered by the noisy shouting of the commercials. Another thing which commercial companies use, is the “maybe-when-I-talk-so-fast-that-no-one-understands-a-word-which-is-so-annoying-that-people-remember-us-thing”. That’s how I call it… Anyway, nowadays when we watch the TV, we can see that those commercials are packing their packs. Thanks to social media, companies now call their attention to reach their target group by making attractive ‘movies’ instead of annoying commercials. Companies make a short movie with a short story to promote themselves, which is nicer to look at and besides it is cheaper for companies to promote themselves in that way rather than making a commercial on TV. I think this is something we’ll see more and more. It is like a win win situation, it is cheaper for the companies and more fun for us to look at those commercials. Afbeelding


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