Off to Scotland

The 14th of November I’m going to Scotland (Glasgow) with my cousin to visit a very good friend of us. It will be my first time staying in Scotland, and it’s fun to realize that I got much affinity with this country. As you can see, my favorite artist Paolo Nutini is born in Paisley which is close to Glasgow. He gives me musical inspiration and I really admire the way he dresses his self up. In general, I really like the Scottish fashion industry. They wear t-shirts with deep scoop necks with skinny jeans and like these lace up formal shoes. You also gotta love the ambience in Great Britain and especially in Scotland. I always relate the ambience of the Harry Potter movies to Scotland and England, and I love this magical atmosphere. Furthermore, the music is ridiculously nice! When you spend your night in a pub with live music, you fall in love with the instruments and the way the Scottish people express themselves in their music. It’s just awesome. 

Concerning my study (International Lifestyle Studies), it’s interesting for me to look at the Scottish day-to-day lives, what their standards are and how they behave in certain conditions. Maybe I get some new inspiration out of those Scottish fellas 😉 Anyways, I’m going to Scotland with a curious eye, the other eye is always open to look out for Paolo.

Cheers for now (with a Guiness)Afbeelding


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